Case Study: The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Q1 2022)

Concierge: Elliot Davidson
Patient Age: 83
Admission Date: 7/9/21
Admitted From: Westchester Medical Center
Discharge Date: 3/7/22
Discharged To: Atria Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 241 Days
Reason for Stay: BKA (Below the Knee Amputee)

Details of Experience:
Bernard Walker arrived at The Grove from Westchester Medical Center after having a below-the-left knee amputation. Bernard grew up in Yonkers, New York; before Bernard came to The Grove, he lived in Wappinger, New York, for the past ten years. Bernard and his family were looking for the best option for him to rehabilitate, gain his strength back and learn to become independent again. They chose The Grove at Valhalla after Bernard’s daughter researched the community and its location.

Bernard required skilled physical and occupational therapy services to increase LE ROM (lower extremity range of motion) and strength, increase functional activity tolerance, and improve balance to enhance his quality of life by improving his ability to become more independent. When Bernard first came to The Grove, he could not transfer himself to his wheelchair, bed, or toilet, sit or stand by himself, and was unable to ambulate with a walker. By the end of his stay, with some supervision, Bernard was able to sit and stand by himself, transfer himself to bed, wheelchair and toilet, and was able to walk with a walker himself!

What Bernard loved most about The Grove was working with the Physical and Occupational Therapists who helped him get his strength back and become independent. He loved that they always motivated him to work hard.

Bernard has been retired for the past ten years. Some of his hobbies are going to the shooting range and even participating in tournaments. Before his retirement, he was a Project Superintendent for a successful construction company. Bernard is now going to Atria Assisted Living, where he is excited and hopeful. He is looking forward to the challenge of having to do things on his own.

We are extremely proud of Bernard’s rehabilitation process. The team at The Grove strives to meet the needs and expectations of our patients and residents. Bernard reached his goals through hard work and dedication, and he is forever grateful.