Case Study: The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (May 2018)

Patients Age: 73
Admission Date: 4/23/2017
Admitted From: White Plains Hospital
Discharge Date: 5/14/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 weeks
Reason for Stay: Strain of Right Quadriceps Muscle

Details of Experience:

In mid-April, Scott had a total knee replacement. He opted to go home after the surgery. He fell and tore his right quadricep muscle a few days after the surgery. He returned to the hospital for further treatment. Scott had two relatives who were patients at The Grove, so when the physician at the hospital encouraged Scott to transfer to a subacute setting for further treatment and therapy, he confidently chose a community he was familiar with.

Although he knew many of the staff by first name, being a patient at The Grove was not something he expected to happen. We knew Scott well and his preferences, so in the few days leading up to his arrival, the staff prepared his private room with the equipment he will need to have a comfortable and clinically optimized experience with us.
Scott’s fall damaged more than his quadricep. It forced him to acknowledge the challenges and difficulties of aging. He had to be patient with the recovery process as Scott was in a lot of pain. When he first arrived, he was not bearing any weight on the leg and he could not bend his knee. He was required to wear a brace on his knee and also suffered an infection from the incision – which required him to be on an extensive antibiotic regimen; he was weak and had poor endurance.

Scott’s therapy plan consisted of pain management, muscle strengthening, weight bearing, and range of motion of his knee. Scott was motivated to work hard and return home. After two weeks of rehab he gained weight bearing status, but was still not able to bend his knee. During his last week of rehab, the staff worked with him on flexibly and range of motion of his knee. After a short three weeks of rehab, Scott was able to return home safely. He gained the strength and endurance needed to live independently. He returned home with a walker to use for temporary support, a device he initially never thought he would need, “but it’s much better than having to be in wheelchair.”

We are extremely proud of Scott’s rehabilitation process. We here at The Grove strive to meet the needs and expectations of our residents. Through hard work and dedication while working with the team here at The Grove, Scott reached his goals.