Case Study: The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (January 2021)

Patients Age: 75-years-old
Admission Date: 12/28/20
Dishcharge Date: 01/15/21
Discharged To: Home
Reason for Stay: Seizures, AKI, Difficulty in walking

Details of Experience:
Sylvia enjoyed living alone. Growing up with three brothers and two sisters, it was nice to have a bedroom and bathroom to call her own. Sylvia cooked, cleaned, drove, took out the garbage, paid her bills all by herself, and enjoyed having these responsibilities. Her daughter did not live far and spoke with her daily. Sylvia enjoyed it when she visited with her dog, Lily.

Sylvia’s daughter came to visit on Thursday morning and was surprised when there was no answer when she rang the doorbell. Thankfully she had a key to the apartment and was horrified to see Sylvia passed out on the floor. 911 was called and Sylvia was brought to White Plains Hospital and spent the next eight days there. After being treated for seizures, hypertension, and acute kidney injury, Sylvia needed some skilled nursing and rehabilitative services. Her daughter did some online research and chose The Grove at Valhalla.

Sylvia arrived at The Grove on December 28th and was escorted to her room. She was evaluated by all departments to be able to quickly implement her rehabilitation regimen. “I have never been to a Nursing/Rehab Center before and was a bit unsure of how it would go. From the moment the first staff member came to say hello, I knew I was going to be ok,” shares Sylvia.

Sylvia was assessed for OT by Joselito and PT by Tibu. It was determined that she would benefit from skilled rehabilitation, which would include therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular reeducation, wheelchair management, and self-care training. When asked what her goals to be achieved were, Sylvia shared, “to be able to get back to my prior level of function.” With Sylvia’s determination and willpower, her therapy journey began.

Sylvia participated in our therapy program six days a week, “they worked me real good,” Sylvia exclaimed! With eight steps to enter/exit her apartment building, this was something that she was looking to master. Her therapy sessions focused on walking, strength, mobility, gross motor coordination, and of course, the stairs.

Sylvia worked hard for two weeks and felt motivated by the team to continue this momentum to be able to go back home. Completing a tub transfer all by herself, graduating to a rolling walker, and completing eight steps, Sylvia was able to start the discharge process.

“The staff here are kind, respectful, and make you feel at home. I’m excited to go home, but I’m kind of sad to leave,” Sylvia shared. Social Service arranged transportation and home health services that way everything was ready for Sylvia when she arrived home.

After 18 days spent at The Grove, Sylvia walked through the front doors feeling rejuvenated and anew.