Case Study: The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (February 2021)

Patients Age: 73-years-old
Admission Date: 12/24/20
Dishcharge Date: 02/03/21
Discharged To: Home
Reason for Stay: Lower leg wound, edema, cellulitis

Details of Experience:
For some, the idea of spending time in a Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center can be a bit daunting. For Cynthia, this was not the case. Cynthia has been to The Grove on two separate occasions. So when she was sent to the hospital due to cellulitis, wounds, weeping venous stasis ulcer, and edema, she knew exactly where she wanted to go.

Cynthia’s arrival to The Grove for the third time was a bit different from her previous arrivals. It was the day before Christmas. She realized she wouldn’t be spending Christmas with her sister, as she did every year. Feeling a bit down, she remembered the excellent care and services provided during her previous stays and was looking forward to reuniting with some staff members she had befriended.

Cynthia was evaluated and assessed by the Nursing and Rehab Team and it was determined what her plan of care would be. Cynthia shared that she has been having a decrease in strength and mobility and would like to work on those areas in particular. Cynthia presented the need for moderate assistance for the completion of self-care tasks and required maximum assistance for mobility and transfers. Cynthia was excited to be working again with Marlene from PT. Marlene knew exactly what Cynthia’s capabilities and abilities were and knew which areas to target. After enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner prepared by the in-house chef, Cynthia went to sleep and was eager to begin her therapy.

Cynthia worked closely together with her PT, Marlene, and her OT, Christie, to be able to get back to her prior level of function. Using the stairs was quite a challenge for Cynthia but she was eager and determined. Soon enough, she was able to complete 12 steps. Cynthia started off being able to ambulate 40 feet, Marlene shared specific techniques to increase strength balance which helped Cynthia reach 200 feet with a rolling walker!
A lover of music, Cynthia was excited to see Nathan again. Nathan is part of the Recreation Team and plays guitar on the units and provides a calming relaxing atmosphere. To maintain proper social distancing, group music sessions have now become one on one room sessions with Nathan going from room to room to provide classical tunes for all to enjoy.

After spending about a month at The Grove, Cynthia was making tremendous gains in therapy. Ambulating 40 feet upon admission, Cynthia can now ambulate 300 feet with supervision. From doing 0 steps initially, Cynthia can now complete 15 steps. “I’ve got five steps to get into my apartment, now I can go up, down, and back up again in one shot,” shares Cynthia. After sitting together with the Interdisciplinary Team, it was decided that Cynthia is safely ready to go home.

Cynthia’s transportation and Home Health Services were arranged by Social Services and set up for 2/3/21. “There’s a reason why I came back three times, I truly feel like I have another family here,” Cynthia shares.

“We hope to see you again Cynthia!” Kariann the receptionist exclaims to Cynthia as she walks through the lobby with her rolling walker. Jokingly, Cynthia smiles and asks, “As a friend or a patient?” With that, Cynthia blew a kiss to Kariann and walked out the front door.